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The wait is over. Our 7.85" DJI Crystalsky monitor has finally been delivered. This will replace my personal Ipad Mini for all my flying needs now. Our 5.5" crystalsky adapter has been doing well and feedback has been fantastic. Unfortunately our hopes that the 5.5" version would work on the 7.85" were dashed. The battery on the monitor is flipped from the 5.5", slightly higher and also offset differently. So this means we will be creating a new adapter for the 7.85" and offering that separate from the 5.5" version. Were starting on the design now and hope to have...

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Whoa so many sweet new DJI products arriving at our door! We've just recently released our QuickDraw armor for the DJI Spark and are continuing to stock our large and small tablet adapters for both the Spark and the Mavic. We've also just got our hands on the 5.5" version of the DJI Crystalsky monitor and are working up a few mount prototypes that will allow you to mount the Crystalsky monitor on our tablet adapter, or in the stock inspire or phantom clamp. Were also eyeing a design to attach the Crystalsky to the stock Osmo clamp. All these...

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