Chinster helmet camera mount

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    Checkout the Chinster review by Edwin Olding of Grindhard Plumbing Co.

    • Mechanical angle adjustment for perfect footage
    • Universal fit for most helmets (see fitment guide)
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • 3d printed in extremely tough TPU
    • Camera body and lens protection
    • Patent pending

    Click here to download fitment template to ensure fit. 

    Most helmets work with our flat hard adhesive snaps. But if you have a helmet that doesn't have any flat spots in the chin area our flexible bases will work on curved surfaces. 

    The Chinster is the ultimate helmet camera chin mount for dirtbike and full face helmets. 3d printed from nearly indestructible rubber like TPU the Chinster chin mount can take a beating. The camera mount features a wrap around case that encloses the camera for extra body and lens protection. Yet the camera is completely accessible. Change batteries, memory cards, and access all buttons and ports at any time.

    Unlike other camera mounts the Chinster has fixed mechanical adjustments so you can setup the perfect angle and then permanently lock it down. Gone are the days of going for a ride and bumping the camera only to get home and see nothing but your feet or the sky. No amount of abuse will change the camera angle, you'll end up with perfect footage every time. All of the included hardware is stainless steel, fear no rain or river crossing!

    Additionally you can easily remove the camera using our patent pending snap system. If you decide to go for a ride without the camera it snaps off in a second and can be snapped back on just as fast. And unlike our competitors who use double stick velcro or tape, our snap system will give you that perfect angle no matter how many times you remove and reinstall it.  

    The Chinster is currently compatible with most helmets. Download and print our quick fitment guide to make sure it will fit your helmet before ordering. We currently offer versions for all GoPro and GoPro session cameras 5+. 



    *Some assembly required. 

    *Patent Pending

    *Action camera and helmet not included.