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Devoid Comfort Series plug for Gear Head Works- Tailhook Mod 2 + 2c

Devoid Comfort Series plug for Gear Head Works- Tailhook Mod 2 + 2c

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Introducing our revolutionary Devoid Comfort Series pistol brace plugs for the Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod 2 and 2c Stabilizer brace. Experience unparalleled comfort with our new and improved softer, more flexible TPE material. In addition to the softer feel our new TPE also features a matte finish to reduce unwanted glare and shine. 

Unlike our standard Devoid plug series, the Comfort Series is specially crafted to provide an optimized shoulder position, mimicking the stability and support of a traditional stock adding approximately a 1 inch extension to the original design. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a whole new level of shooting enjoyment with the added length and ergonomic design of our Comfort Series.

Don't let 40 million pistol braces go to waste! Elevate your shooting experience today with our unparalleled Devoid Comfort Series pistol brace plugs.

Since our Comfort Series line is intended to be shouldered and adds padding and extends the length of pull, they should only be installed on registered SBR's or rifles with a barrel length of 16" or longer. 
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Note: All NFA rules apply. This plug may constitute a re-design of the stabilizer brace. We recommend only installing with a barrel length 16" or above or on registered SBR's. 

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