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Thruster mounts- for Fifish V6/Evo Series

Thruster mounts- for Fifish V6/Evo Series

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Prop Guard

**Lights sold separately at the links below.**

*Prop guard versions fit front and rear thrusters, they do not fit the middle thrusters.*

These thruster housing mounts allow attachment of lights or cameras. This wider mounting location will help improve visibility when using lights in cloudy water by avoiding backscatter lighting of particles in the water. Available in a generic action camera style mount or a tube style flashlight mount. Stainless steel hardware included.

When using the flashlight mount we like the Sofirn 3000 lumen dive lights. These lights are very high quality and can be taken down 100 meters. Please use our amazon affiliate link by clicking this text to buy.  If you choose to use a different flashlight style dive light please make sure it has an approximately 27mm barrel to fit the mount. 

An alternative is to use the action camera mount with the Suptig LED panel dive lights. These are available in two sizes and are a more affordable option over the flashlight style dive lights. Though they are only capable of diving to 50 meters. Please use our Amazon link by clicking the following text. Click here for the small 36 led panel version, and click here for the large 80 led panel version. 

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