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Spring loaded Claw- for Fifish V6/Evo Series

Spring loaded Claw- for Fifish V6/Evo Series

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 Checkout RED MANIAC FPV recovering disc golf discs using our Claw!


Enhance your underwater drone experience with our top-of-the-line Spring Loaded Claw, designed exclusively for use with your Qysea Fifish V6 drone. This versatile claw offers multiple adjustments and features a "mouse trap" mechanism that allows it to snap shut with ease, ensuring a secure grip on your targeted objects.

With its hooked front end, our claw guarantees a tight grip on your objects once the jaws have closed, ensuring they don't slip away during retrieval. Additionally, the angled front of the jaws allows for easy and automatic opening when the claw is driven into objects, providing you with maximum control and flexibility during your underwater missions.

Our claw works with our durable Carbon accessory mount and can be easily attached to your drone using two screws. This mount allows you to position the claw horizontally or vertically, providing you with maximum versatility in your operations.

Whether you're exploring new depths or conducting underwater research, our Spring Loaded Claw is the perfect accessory to take your underwater drone experience to the next level.

Requires Carbon mount kit to attach to your Fifish V6. Some assembly required. 

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