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Landing Leg Protectors for Parrot Anafi

Landing Leg Protectors for Parrot Anafi

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One of the weak areas we've found on the Parrot Anafi is the landing legs. Specifically the clips that hold the top part of the leg to the bottom. In crashes or hard landings these clips can easily break, after which the landing leg will have little support and "hang" with a gap below the top. Our Landing Leg Protectors reinforce this area to prevent the clip from breaking. They also provide more support by extending back towards the body to keep the leg from flexing as easily. The front and back of the leg is open to avoid any interference of the wifi antennas in the legs. These protectors are 3d printed from nearly unbreakable TPU, the same stuff tough cell phone cases are made from. They install and remove easily. And they will even fit inside the stock carry case! Sold in sets of 4.
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