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Dirty J Designs

Landing Leg Protectors for Parrot Anafi

Landing Leg Protectors for Parrot Anafi

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One of the weak areas we've found on the Parrot Anafi is the landing legs. Specifically the clips that hold the top part of the leg to the bottom. In crashes or hard landings these clips can easily break, after which the landing leg will have little support and "hang" with a gap below the top. Our Landing Leg Protectors reinforce this area to prevent the clip from breaking. They also provide more support by extending back towards the body to keep the leg from flexing as easily. The front and back of the leg is open to avoid any interference of the wifi antennas in the legs. These protectors are 3d printed from nearly unbreakable TPU, the same stuff tough cell phone cases are made from. They install and remove easily. And they will even fit inside the stock carry case! Sold in sets of 4.
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Customer Reviews

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Philip Leech
Well made

Once you figure out the trick to getting them on they work very well.

John O Callaghan
Absolute necessity for Anafi

Had a leg cause me a problem so found these. Excellent and very protective of the legs now. If you own an Anafi just get them. You will not regret it.

Must have

I got these because I did have a crash and like these guys said, weak in design and mine did start to split on one of the legs/foot. Don't not completely break the clip but had a gap. These fit nice and tight and work great. I wish I have found these sooner. I now feel more comfortable with these installed as I have had no issue, and they do fit in the small travel case just fine. I also purchased the tablet holder with kick out and controller power stop. A+ on all. Quick an easy to use. If any thing get the kick out with the lanyard attachment. Its nice to be able to let the controller lose and hang when needed!!. I'll probley purchase the large tab. Adapter. Cause I think with the lockout it does shorten up the size a little. So a 9 inch will fit but puts some stress on controller neck with kick out, without kick out a 9 is fine. Which I haven't contacted them about this but maybe helpful to others. But I am gonna get the battery and stick protectors cause I feel these guys put out a great product. Great job Dirty J Designs!!

Nesher G Asner
They work, and you need them.

Well made of durable bit flexible material. Perfect fit, easy to install. Cheap insurance from a known design problem.

Justin Reichenbach
Can you make them longer

These look awesome, but I wonder if you can make an extended set that not only protects the foot from separating (as mine has) but also extends the legs for gained height when landing?