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Tablet adapter- for Fifish V6/Evo Series

Tablet adapter- for Fifish V6/Evo Series

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Our tablet adapter for the Qysea Fifish V6 series underwater drone will hold tablets 200-280mm in length and up to 23mm in depth. This includes most tablets with thick waterproof cases and is also compatible with Tripltek extreme duty tablets. Will also hold smartphones within the center clamp 120-206mm in length and up to 15mm in depth

Our adapter allows you to slide the tablet below the hinge on the stock mount. This better balances the tablet on the hinge preventing flopping and also is much more comfortable to hold as it balances the weight of the tablet over your hands. 

The Fifish V6 series tablet adapter comes setup for tablets up to 15mm in depth, an extra plastic piece can be removed with a knife to accept very thick tablets up to 23mm in depth.

Our adapter also has small tabs so that most smart phone devices can still be used with the adapter in place, no need to remove the adapter when switching between tablets or smartphones. 

Precision 3d printed from extremely durable rubberlike TPU. Stainless steel hardware is included. 

*Fifish drone and smart devices sold separately.*

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