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Large Tablet Adapter for Parrot Anafi- 9-11" tablets

Large Tablet Adapter for Parrot Anafi- 9-11" tablets

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Tablet mount for the Parrot Anafi. This 3d printed adapter will hold large tablets like the Ipad air, and Samsung Tab 10.5. Printed from nearly unbreakable black TPU material, this adapter has a little flex and great grip to keep good hold of your tablet. Choose optional "kicker" lower mount for a better angle on the tablet and adding a lanyard ring! We also offer the optional "Power Block" which can be used to quickly power on and off the controller without needing to remove the tablet or adapter. 

*Please note, tablet sizes are measured like TV screens, diagonally across. Our small tablet adapter fits MOST tablets 9-11" in screen size. Please refer to the sizing chart photo for measuring instructions.

Fits tablets 170-200mm in width:

Ipad Air

Ipad Pro (9.7 & 10.5)

Samsung Tab 10.5

Asus s3 10

Zenpad 10

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Customer Reviews

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Works, but kicker could use some mods.

I would say these hold my iPad Air 2 securely with the kicker, and it's nice that the arms don't need to come off to close the antenna and shut the controller off, but the kicker does need to come off and it really is a bit of a pain to get on and off just to shut off the controller since there isn't any other way to shut it off...if there was I would just leave the kicker on except when transporting it.

If I had a few kickers to mess with, the first thing I would try is open up the back some. First maybe cut some off each side to leave a gap, or cut one side shorter to make the gap so there is still one long part, and I think it might then need a velcro strap across the gap to help squeeze it shut and secure it, probably attaching it with glue. I'd have to try it and mess with it a bit, but it needs something IMO.

Also, I suppose you know the groove in the kicker, while square, is at a pretty big angle once it's attached, so the tablet sits in it crooked, though it does work.